With more than 30 years experience with Christ Energy, ranging from Praise/Worship, Messages from God to Remote Healings, Deborah found herself yearning to go beyond the expectations of what she knew. She found by adding Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki, Christ Heart Reiki® and Book of Life Reading/Healing (Akashic Records), she could more effectively help others find their own “Guiding Light and Path.”

About Deborah

There was a time in my life when I looked to others to give me SIMPLE answers just like you.

I had what appeared a good life being able to live at home raising my three children while attending college.  On the inside, my heart lost and lonely.

My mother and first husband passed over within a two-year span, remarried and found myself divorced four years later.  My number one priority was to keep the lives of my children normal by putting their needs before mine.  Yet, I notice a cycle of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  How do I stop this?  What am I missing?

I stumbled many times when asking for help from the doctors and religion.  They told me “You are justified” or “God doesn’t put more on you than you can bear.”  I wanted peace from the negativity inside me.  I only knew one thing, “Keep seeking and asking God for answers because He will open the doors to lasting joy, peace and love.”

I began praying for a companion, a friend, a family member to help me cope but I was looking at physical world and not the spiritual world.  Then one day, I heard a song by Debbie Boone, “You Light Up My Life.”  The song resonated with me and sang it daily.  My life started changing. Then heard a message, “I love you, and you will never feel all alone, rejected or disbelieved.  You are a Precious Jewel.”  God spiritually answered my prayer!  My companion, friend, and family was “Christ Jesus (divine) , Yeshua Jesus (messianic).”  I was guided to a special lady, Wilma, who taught me how to open the ‘Doorway to God.’  It became my “Lifeline” to a more profound path (journey).

My journey has been both arduous and joyful.  In the beginning, I looked inside my heart, and given answers.  I didn’t waver from my Faith and “Yes, His answers changed the very essence of me.”   I became more and more positive as I started tapping into the Secret Place with God – His Presence.  “A Gift was Birth.”

Through the years, my Faith grew stronger, but within a six-month span, I went through a physical loss of one child and the emotional loss with my other two children.  My spirit emptied, my soul lost, and my body shaking.  Was this PTSD or Traumatic Grief?  All I knew I was like Raquel crying in the desert because her children were no more.  Spirit revealed to follow one of three paths and selected to ‘Hide in God’ until He did a miracle.  The miracle happened.  He showed me to go beyond the expectations of religious beliefs and share this knowledge with others (like you).

Since then, I’ve been fulfilling my vision and helping people like you have a lasting transformation.  It is painful when you have stumbled, lost your grip, can’t find the answers or don’t even know where to start, but there is a Light at the beginning of Your Path.’  You need to keep asking, seeking, and listening for God to show you that Door.  He Loves You!

I help people like you to open this ‘Doorway’ to a deeper Truth, Way, and Light on your path to embracing and experiencing God’s Presence in your Secret Place with Him.  Your ‘Guiding Light’ can spring forth with a new-found strength and validity.  You’ll become aware that your life does have a purpose with goodness, mercies, and favor.  You can learn more, move forward easier, and be excited about your new path.

Let me help you to Become a Guiding Light that you are!