Your “Book of Life”

Would you like to address a choice, an issue or a repeating pattern in your life today?  You can through your Book of Life and Remembrance Library.  You can be given information to help you release and heal which can include the underlying cause with your life’s journey.

There could be mental blocks that are not allowing you to move forward for a couple of reasons: Perception and Depth.

Perception: You cannot figure it out because there could be Fear where you cannot move forward and it keeps you stuck in the past.  Other issues could be Judgement and Expectation which causes barriers that blocks your view and understanding.

Depth: You want to get to the bottom and go deeper to find that connection to have that “I get it now” moment where you can see simplicity and receive understanding.

Book of Life Consultation can include:

Either a 30 minute consultation or a more in-depth 60 minute consultation with an option of 3 different types of consultations: Personal, Couples, or Business.

  • Information about your soul’s purpose and path.
  • Clearing Past Generations patterns that will help you to release blocks and fears.
  • Receive an Energy Shift which removes stress from your mind and body.
  • Clarity around your next step(s) in life.

Beginning your session with a prayer/intention and mediation by sitting quietly which  allows you to enter into your Heart Space.  By entering into your Heart Space, we can go deeper into your records.  You can take notes or request a recording.  The recording is a MP3 recording, and please note that the Consultation is for the session only.   Note: after receiving the MP3 recording, you may hear and feel differently.  In the event there is a technical issue with the recording, I will not be able to offer a refund (such occurrence is rare).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you need to be physically in front of me?
A: No. You will receive your Consent Form to fill-in and after I received it, your appointment will be confirmed.

Q: What is the purpose of doing a Book of Life Reading?
A: The Book of Life readings are based on your spiritual self in Heaven.  Your Angels can identify and clear these constraints that have been hindering your path at the originating source and to empowered your life.

Q: Can I get a reading done for my child?
A: No. I only offer them for those above 18 years old.

Q: Can I order a reading for my ex-husband or a friend I dislike?
A. No.  I will not be able to perform this reading. I can only access your Book of Life Records.

Q: Can you read my future for me?
A: No.  I do not do readings for the future because it is always possible for a person to change their mind which changes their path.  It is all based on Free Will.

Q: What religion is the reading of the Book of Life tied to?
A: None. You do not have to adopt any specific religious beliefs just by having your Book of Life reading.

Q: Would all your issues, traumas and negativity from current and past generations (lifetimes) show up all in one reading?
A: No.  From my experience, it can never happen that way.  Energetic work is like peeling an onion layer-by-layer, and as You work through these layers, You can begin to feel better, be less stressed, happier and surer of who You are.

If you have a question that does not fall into any of the above, please contact me.  I’d be glad to offer my assistance!