What Is Christ Heart Reiki®?

The Christ Heart Reiki® sessions are different from other Reiki Healing sessions. 

  • Its Gift to you is that you will receive very clear and detailed Guidance exactly what changes you need to do. Remember everything is based on your Free-Will.

  • Its Key Concept is that you become Empowered to make these changes by taking the guesswork out for you. It’s all about your choices you choose to take.

How?  Let’s do a simple exercise and remember there are no wrong answers.

Please sit, reflect for a moment, and picture yourself like a glass container, and it’s clear and empty. Let’s fill up your container of you by either coloring or imagining it with greys and colors.  The greys are weaknesses, negative attitudes, and triggers, etc.  The colors are love, mercy, grace and forgiveness, etc.

After you fill up your container, ask yourself, “How many shades of greys and colors are inside?  Which ones are greater?  Which ones are less pronounced?”  Let’s go a step further and imagine these greys and colors as “Energies.”  These energies are constantly looking for entryways through your life experiences, challenges and obstacles and sometimes scars are left behind.  These scars can be physical, emotional or spiritual baggage.  Then this baggage passes down potentially from generation to generation.

Transformation Healing Journey

Rising above this luggage of baggage is transforming which is what the CHR System is all about!  Jesus and your Archangels will assist you and by following their guidance that comes through your CHR Practitioner or CHR Master

Therefore surrendering, trusting, and believing in their guidance is for your highest and best interest on Your Transformation Healing Journey and can bring about very powerful Healings and Energy Shifts.

Christ Heart Reiki® System

  • Overseen by Jesus.
  • Conducted by Jesus & the Archangels.
  • Facilitated by CHR Practitioner.
  • Respects Free-Will.
  • Develops the gift to the Healings of Jesus and the Archangels.
  • Assists and accelerates the energy shift from Ego to Divine Truth of Christ.
  • Deeply Clears, Heals, Balances & Realigns to a Higher Spiritual Nature.
  • Clears and opens the High Heart Chakra.
  • Assists in dissolving the Limiting Belief(s) about the physical world that separates us from Christ.

The CHR System of Cosmic Realignment & Balancing is designed for those who are seeking dramatic Healings and Energy Shifts in his or her life. The entire CHR System has seven sessions and each session is a week or two weeks apart.

For additional information, go to Christ Heart Reiki.

What is Ego?

“Ego” refers to your body and mind which is the “I” part of yourself.  Indeed, understanding your Ego is a major task for your growth to self-awareness. Then knowing when to release parts of your Ego for something better >> Spiritual Maturity.  Furthermore, this something better is the “Divine Truth of Christ” which can be either the “Fruit and/or Gifts of the Spirit.”

Then with each CHR Session, Jesus and the Archangels clears, heals, balances and realigns Your true spiritual nature!  Also as this occurs, it causes an acceleration of Your Ego to shift lower as Your Spirit shifts higher!  

What is a Limiting Belief?

“Limiting Belief” is something You believe to be true about yourself, about others, or about the world.  These limiting beliefs may hold you back from taking chances, keep you blinded to opportunities in your path, or simply keep you stuck by focusing on negative aspect(s) of a circumstance(s).

Then Your limiting belief(s) gradually dissipates and dissolves away with each CHR Session!

What’s the High Heart Chakra?

Basically, Quantum Physics has proven that the body is comprised of pure energy.  Likewise this pure energy has many focal points for both reception and transmission of energy movements called chakras.  Each chakra uses a particular part of the body which regulates its own energy flow.  Their function as a whole connects your physical body to the mental, emotional and spiritual levels of consciousness.  Furthermore, if any of these chakras are blocked or unhealthy then these energy movements can cause negative attitudes or sickness.

One of these chakras is called the “High Heart Chakra.”  Additionally, the High Heart Chakra defines the seat of compassion, empathy, joy, peace, serenity, patience, balanced emotions and unconditional love.  In addition, its located between the Heart and Throat Chakras.  The combination of these two energies creates a powerful vortex that brings in the Christ Energy.  Lastly, the Christ Energy Vortex opens a loving communication and makes it possible for a truer guidance to flow more easily between your Soul and Spirit to God, Jesus, and all of Heaven.

Also, as these CHR Sessions continually brings in Christ’s Energy and Your Christ communication becomes stronger with each session.  And by Session 7, Your High-Heart and Heart Chakras are powerfully connected and open to God, Jesus, and all of Heaven!


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