These experiences are a guided meditation journey (vision).  God meets each Client on his or her spiritual path.  The Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master is the facilitator and reads the guided script to begin his or her journey.  The reflected ‘Light’ spoken about in all these experiences is not any ordinary Light, but is God’s Healing Light coming down from Heaven.

The Client is asked to either sit or lay down.  The Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master will ask the Client to decide what is available to address with a series of questions – a negative issue or goal.  It is not necessary for the Client to share his or her ‘Story’ with the Usui/Holy Fire® III Master, but the Client does need to speak to Spirit silently.  Remember Spirit’s helps the Client have a clear energetic picture.  There is no wrong answer.

These experiences do remind the Client that everything is base of the their Free Will and God will not go against their free will.  These experiences do ask the Client to surrender to God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Holy Fire while taking slow deep breaths. These slow deep breaths helps the mind to slow down and not be a chatter box.  If thoughts come up, just agree and release.  After 20 minutes, the Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master will ask the Client to come back at his or her own pace then journal.

They can be selected as a Stand-alone Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Healing Session or as a Part of a Reiki Share Group.  Listed below are the different experiences with its description.

Ocean of Holy Love Experience

The Ocean of Holy Love is about purifying, healing, guiding, empowering and protecting. This experience provides healing for a wide range of conditions and issues.

(Three) Holy Love Experiences

Holy Love I Experience:

This is about God’s Divine Love that soothes, relaxes, nurtures, and heals very deeply.

Holy Love II Experience:

The Holy Love II scans the Client’s timeline in this lifetime to find an experience that needs healing.

Holy Love III Experience:

This experience takes the Client back to the time of conception including parents and ancestral issues.

Heavenly Banquet Hall Experience

Heavenly Banquet Hall Experience is all about Spiritual nourishment.

Holy Fire® III Healing Experience

This Healing Experience is not available to groups.  The Holy Fire® III Healing Experience can be used by itself or in conjunction with a Holy Fire® III Reiki Healing Session.  The Client chooses to remove either a negative energy, a blockage, an issue, or to empower a goal.  Using both the Holy Fire® III Healing Experience and Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Healing Session together opens the Client’s Spirit and Soul to a more receptive state.  It can also quickly release specific blocks and issues the Client chooses and heals on a deep level.  

  • With removing a ‘Negative Energy’, Holy Fire® III helps the Client to release.  However, the Client must be willing to let go of the negative attitude.  Including any other conditions that surrounds it that may have been created.  In other words – letting the Story go.  By doing so, the Client chooses to change that can include seeing, feeling or knowing from God’s higher perspective.
  • Concerning a ‘Goal’, Holy Fire® III helps the Client to heal something that needs to healed  before attaining the goal.  The Client must be willing to release all unconscious, negative attitudes, in order, to receive insight and guidance.  If the ‘goal’ is not in harmony with the Client’s life path, Holy Fire® III can also reveal this.