Becoming a Guiding Light Ministry is all about ‘THE FAITH OF BELIEVING’.

As we work together, Christ Energy will show me how to assist you in developing confidence with your path (journey).  What makes this work so powerful is your Faith, Trust and Goodwill with God; creating an essential partnership in letting go of obstacles (blockages).  Your Journey may require many steps (small, big) as you re-shape and re-sculpt your Spirit, Soul and Body as you unlock and attain your highest and best potential.  When you do so, you may:

  • Release fears and old hurts (wounds).
  • Experience freedom from the past.
  • Find new possibilities and ways of being.
  • Feel totally set free with wings to fly.

You may begin to recognize and receive messages from Spirit as you can begin to see your Journey moving forward more easily.  You could, also, sense your ‘Guiding Light’ springing forth with goodness, mercies and favor with a new found:

  • Clarity.
  • Strength.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Realize your life’s purpose.
I feel like a whole different person.

When I first started the Christ Heart Reiki sessions, I felt like nothing was happening.  I had a lot of negative baggage from previous life experiences.   Debbie did not give up on me and instead looked for alternatives Healing methods.  She incorporated and researched specific issues that Spirit revealed to her to break through the barriers.  Such as Forgiveness, Healing, and Clearing Prayers for me to speak forth declaring my purposes and Holy Fire Mediation Experiences.  By the end of the cycle, I felt like a whole different person.

Debbie really went above and beyond to make sure I received the full effect of the Christ Heart Reiki experience.