Christ Heart Reiki® Testimonials

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Felt supported, loved and connected.

Overall, the Christ Heart Reiki sessions were very beneficial to me. I noticed over the past 2 months that I've felt more emotionally connected to others, more conscious of my behavior and how I'm connected to other people. I am freer to express my emotions to people while allowing myself to have a greater vulnerability. These sessions left me feeling supported, loved and really enjoyed working with my specific Archangel or Master during the week or two after each session.


During my 7th CHR session, it began with a significant relaxation effect from head to toe - very calming and supporting almost as if I was in a cocoon. During the day, I was not feeling well and had a lot of pressure in my head and lower back, within 10 minutes the pressure started to lessen and saw healing colors of deep purple and bright white light in my mind's eye. I sensed increased digestion in my stomach area with a sense of sadness and anger coming up and out. Within moments, forgiveness came into my heart with a general sense of being connected to those that I love and feeling very grateful for the experiences in my life - both good and bad. Afterwards, I felt an increased feeling of air coming through my feet, more like the circulation was increasing in my feet and legs.


Debbie Johnson is an excellent Reiki Healer. She takes the time to get to know her clients and approaches the Healing Sessions with a sense of importance to take the time and do it right, always asking for what is in the highest good of her clients. She takes the time to explain what information she has received during the session and helps to educate on next steps or any action items that would support the greatest healing for her client.


I highly recommend her services!

Georgia, USA

Very pleased with the ‘results’ – I’ve been re-born!

I've had Reiki Healing sessions but Christ Heart Reiki is different because it involves a 'Journey of Your Soul'. In the first stage, you shed old patterns and lower energies. You may become very sensitive and emotional then you're cleanse and heal. Finally, you are re-born to a Higher Spiritual Level. With every session I felt she was targeting exactly what I needed at the moment, whether it was physical, emotional or spiritual healing. When she described her visions and messages from Spirit at the end of each session, they invariably matched what I had felt and seen providing validation for my experience. She always communicated promptly answering questions and searching for additional information and clarification on the messages and visions we received. In my first session, I clearly felt the energy and presence of Angelic Beings and the feeling of them being in-charge with each session. The Angelic Beings both held me down and lifted me up as they filled me with Light and Energy. It felt like an Energy Transfusion. Like all the dirty stuff was being flushed out and replaced with clean new Energy. Now that I have completed the Journey, I find myself looking at situations through the lenses of compassion. I am more patient with situations that used to bother me and am very pleased with the 'results' from CHR Energy work. Debbie makes you feel safe and welcome. She is a skilled practitioner and open to work with people of different spiritual paths and adapts each session to the client’s individual needs.

Georgia, USA

I noticed an overall level of calmness in my being, less reactive and more motivated.

I received a series of seven CHR remote sessions from Deborah. Each week a new set of angels would come in to assist me.

On the first week, I had a huge clearing in my throat and felt it working from the time she setup Scared Space prior to the session beginning. The second session energy came with Mother Mary and realized I was more organized and a lot happier. Mother Mary continued her presence in the third session and felt a lot of love as her heart came into my heart. By the fourth session, I noticed an overall level of calmness in my being, less reactive and more motivated. The sixth session went deeper as a knitting of togetherness between love and joy continued while incorporating my love of music then Jesus washed, wiped and anointed my feet. The last session was the best and most powerful of all.

I was excited with the anticipation and found it harder to calm my mind but Debbie assured me I would see the change and have a wonderful experience. And I did within minutes after our conversation, I saw colors all around me of the rainbow glittering in the light - a lot brighter than normal. It was beautiful! This healing has grounded me in peace and divine flow. I feel shifts that are unravelling and setting me into a place of synchronicity and light. I'm also seeing where I can make shifts in my perceptions. I appreciate Deborah and am grateful for the gift she is and having the good fortune to find her.

Georgia, USA

Have you worked with Debbie and want to share your experience? Please submit your testimonial here.