For an Afternoon Tea with “I AM that I AM”

Afternoon Tea with 'I AM that I AM'
Tree of Life

Join me to experience God’s Presence for yourself – Afternoon Tea with ‘I AM that I AM. My intention is to build a community that brings an Awareness and Knowledge that everyone and anyone can acquire through God’s Universal Guiding Light Energies. We’ll be accessing these energies through God’s ‘Tree of Life.’ This Tree of Life stands as a symbol of God’s life-giving presence and the fullness of eternal life available to us. You do not need any special skills to tap into this ancient wisdom. All are welcome!

Each meeting starts with a Guided Meditation followed by a group or single Question/Answer Discussion that could includes a spontaneous Group or Personal…

Group Message from God, ‘I AM that I AM’
Book of Life Personal mini-Reading
Personal Word of Knowledge Message
Group Guiding Light Reiki Healing Session

History of the Tree of Life.

In the beginning Adam and Eve were birth and walked in the Garden of Eden. They disobeyed God’s (1) request and were banished from the Garden of Eden due to the Tree of Life. This tree would allow them to live forever in their fallen state. This fallen state meant their Spirit was no longer able to commune with God on a daily basis.

This restoration came back through “the second Adam – Jesus” (1 Corinthians 15:44–49). By His Free-Will of sacrificing His Life, we are now able to partake in God’s Presence. The church tried to control this access by rules and regulations. God began to stir the hearts of His People and His Spirit began to move with the Protestant Reformation and continues to this day. As we continue to evolve our Spirit higher through Christ Consciousness. This evolution starts with seeking His Presence for His Daily Word, Grace, Forgiveness, Compassion, etc – To Know ALL of His Fullness.

God’s Presence can be felt in your space, home and Nature by asking Him inside your heart and home. All you have to do is surrender your heart to Him and your Spirit opens up to His Spirit. This growth end results is your Spirit will control your soul and body. Your life was meant to be Spirit, Soul and Body, not Body, Soul and Spirit. All you need to make a commitment (choice) and submit your Free-Will to live by God’s precepts.

How does it this come about – this Presence with God? > One step at a time >> One life choice at a time >>> One precept at a time.

Interested? This Zoom Meeting can be access through a monthly subscription ($30) 3rd Sunday/Month (except on holiday weekends) at 2pm – 4pm ET USA.