Locating Your Meditation Place

Our personal Meditation Place or Spot is also called Secret Place, Sacred Place, Prayer Closet or Power Spot. It’s what we interpret as a Special Connection with God (Spirit) liken to Jacob’s Ladder, Genesis 28: 10-17. But how can we connect with God – He is omnipotent? Remember God is ‘Spirit’ and He made us in His Image, hence we are also ‘Spirit’. Therefore, when you decide to connect with God – His Spirit connects to your Spirit (Spirit to Spirit). All you have to do is ask, meditate, feel His presence and listen.

  • Your Spirit (spiritual self) is your Biofield Energy that contains your Aura and Energy Centers (chakras) that varies in strength that can affect you mentally (mind) and physically (body).
  • Also, the Earth is full of Energies areas that vary in strength. These energy areas are called either an energy spot (faint breeze) or vortex (twister).

3 Major Types…

Conversely, it takes time and practice to be able to differentiate between them. The easiest way to tell is, “How do you feel?”  It is important to trust your feelings and senses as you explore the energies intensities at these power spots. These personal power spots can affect you whether you are consciously aware of them or not.  These types are…:

  1. Gives you energy and healing.
  2. Drains your energy from anything within its boundaries.
  3. Tricksters cause Confusion by deceiving one into giving-up their personal Energy to gain some form of personal power.

Questions to Ask…

  • Notice the plants and grasses in the various areas. Do they look healthier, greener, more alive in one place?
  • How do you feel as you sit or stand in that spot?
  • Does the energy feel loving and peaceful? If it feels rough, confusing, or unsettling – Move!
  • Journal and Compare how each spot makes you feel.
  • Do you gravitate towards a particular place that feels most comfortable?
  • Does your energy magnified & become balanced?
  • Does one spot ‘look’ brighter & lighter than another which feels duller & heavier?


When searching for your personal Meditation Spot between you and God, you may want to find it in Nature first. Why? Because God is also found in Nature – He created both Heaven and Earth. We live in a busy world bombarded inside and outside ourselves with man-made noise and stuff from all directions and we can lose connection. But Heaven and Earth have beautiful sounds, sunlight, water, trees, flowers that will freely help us gain back this Connection. With this connection, your personal Meditation Spot, you can gain back a deeper knowledge, appreciation and nourishment.

  1. Sit or Stand and Protect your spot and yourself by calling upon God, Jesus & Holy Spirit and His Angels for Guidance.
  2. Begin with your Intention Prayer followed by slow Breaths from your heart space (4 in > nose : 4 hold : 8 out > mouth : 4 hold : repeat 3 to 5 minutes).
  3. Listen to Nature to avoid listening to your mind during this calming process.
  4. Trust your inner knowing because your Spirit is guiding you. Build a strong connection between yourself and God. You may begin to feel inner peace, calm and knowing.
  5. Meditate from 5 to 20 minutes.
  6. Afterwards ask yourself….How did your heart feel as you meditated in this spot?

Want to know…more. 

If you have a question that does not fall into any of the above, please contact me.  I’d be glad to offer my assistance.