The ultimate in Aura Viewing is available today…it is much more than just an Aura Photo – it is a point of ‘moment‘ report of you, so you may have an opportunity to become empowered and motivated to make positive changes in your personal life!

The AuraCloud 3D Pro system provides you with easy-to-understand report in real-time graphs concerning your Aura, Chakra States and more! (all reports are emailed to your given email address)

I only offer In-Person Appointments for this service and we follow the current CDC Guidelines.  The three types of services available are:

BASIC Aura Analysis and Consultation is a 30-minute Aura Reading. Only Face and Body Aura Photos with a basic report.
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DETAILED Aura Analysis and Consultation is a 45-minute Aura Reading includes a Basic Report & 7 Graphs with a full description of each graph as shown below.
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The 7 graphs included with Detailed Report (not Basic Report)
Pet Aura Analysis and Consultation so you can view your pet’s Aura and Energy Center Energies (Chakras) just like you!
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What is an Aura?

An Aura is a kind of human energy field surrounding our bodies thought to have seven layers that correspond to each of the seven chakras, according to metaphysical thought. The color makeup of an aura is a metaphysical and energetic reflection of your spiritual health. So what does it look like? It’s thought to consist of a distribution of different colors and light. The Medical Association in 2011 defined this energy as your ‘Bio-fields Energy’ that purportedly surrounds and penetrates the human body.

Besides your current energy, an aura might also reflect past or ongoing energy imbalances. For example, if you’re sad, your Aura may be duller in representation. On the other hand, if you’re happy and confident person – your Aura will have a light, brighter aura.

How does AuraCloud 3D work?

The IES AuraCloud 3D System is an aura camera technology features a human-computer interface system, with both hardware and software that work together to create a representation of your aura image. You will use both the hand sensor and two-fingertip sensors that reads your temperature and electro-dermal energy, and the AuraCloud 3D System converts this data from your left hand and two fingertips on your right hand (the inputs) into a representation of a your aura photo (the output).