When did the Christ Heart Reiki® System first appear?

Jesus appeared to Toni Dafeldecker, a former ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher, during her Reiki Master Training in August, 2005.  Initially Jesus only showed her the CHR Symbol.  He later demonstrated these experiences when He introduced Toni to “Christ Heart Reiki® System.”  Years later Jesus said to her, “It’s time to train others.”    

Toni began teaching Jesus’s “Christ Heart Reiki® System,” in 2017.  There are two levels – the 1st level is the ‘Practitioner’. And the 2nd level is ‘Master Teacher.’  I became a certified CHR Master Teacher in November, 2018.

What to expect with your CHR Sessions? 

I receive guidance from Jesus with His Archangels He has selected with your sessions that includes Angel Reiki Healing Crystals, Aroma Therapy, and Sound Healing.  The aroma essential oil used is distributed by Young Living Essential Oils  and the music selection is from Julie True’s Journal Mediation.

Before your initial session, you need to send or email me your “Intention Prayer for your CHR Sessions”, or you can wait until the beginning of your initial session. I will also explain what to expect from your sessions.

  • You will be lying on a massage table while fully clothed.
  • Your sessions are approximately 1 to 1.5 hours long.
  • These sessions feel like a deep meditation, or like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.

After each one of your sessions, we will discuss your experience including any guidance you may have received then followed by what I may have received.  You maybe also asked to do daily Healing and Clearing Prayers.  These Prayers will further assist and strengthen your declaration to Yourself and God.

Finally, you will receive your personal Archangel’s Name with each session who will further assist and guide you in-between your sessions.  During your daily meditation/prayers with your Archangel, he/she requests for you to give permission daily.  Remember, Jesus and your Archangels always respects your Free-Will on Your Transformation Healing Journey!


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