Book of Life Testimonials (AR Consultation)

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Deborah opens her soul with surrender…

Deborah opens her soul with surrender and takes great care in setting-up Sacred Space, in order, to receive an uplifting accurate reading. I have received multiple Akashic Records readings from her and she has remembered my previous sessions which further demonstrates her love and care! She is both caring and intuitive when expressing the messages that come through. You are met where you are spiritually.


I have been on Cloud 9…

Debbie, I cannot express how grateful I am for all you have done for me (The wonderful reading, all the information sent and the Beautiful Picture, which I am going to frame) Your gifts are truly a blessing and I give Thanks for you being placed on my path. I have been on Cloud 9 for a few days now and have a true focus on where I am and what I am to be doing. Once again many Thanks to you. Love and Light


I felt heard, supported and well guided…

I really enjoyed the reading that Debbie did for me. The information she received was clear, and very important for me at this time. I felt heard, supported and well guided throughout. The whole session had a nice flow to it and I felt uplifted, encouraged and inspired afterwards - high on my own life and more clear and confident about my next steps and future direction. What a wonderful feeling!

It feels great!

The Akashic Record Reading was very insightful and helped me learn a few things about myself and felt quite liberated and calm in days/weeks afterwards. I felt much more focused about my general life purpose. It feels great! I have been working on releasing my protective walls and still am. I have noticed vast improvements in my personal life. Relationships and how I approach people in general. I still have a way to go but I am making progress 🙂 I was most grateful to have received such clear answers when I asked them.

South Africa

I am deeply grateful…

I had a feeling for some time that the blockages I was facing could be due to my previous lifetime experiences & the Akashic Record Reading confirmed that. I was more relieved that with the help of the Akashic Masters and the beautiful prayers Debbie said cleared those blockages. I am deeply grateful for that. I have already recommended Debbie to my family and friends.


My old, sad story has changed…

The Akashic Record Reading that I received from Debbie was clear and give me tools and answers so I can keep on going forward in my beautiful life. My old, sad story has changed to happy, lovely story instead. It feel so good.


I highly recommend Debbie…

My experience of the Akashic reading was often clarity of things, I always felt enhanced and felt that I could move through obstacles easier, with a better understanding afterwords. The changes I felt in myself was that I could clearly see things in front of me …things in the past that I would see with a different perspective. So my view point changed. I feel more solid in myself. I feel more connected and see the connectedness in humanity. My purpose was confirmed and strengths /weaknesses was highlighted. I highly recommend Debbie because of her dedication, love and understanding. Her commitment to being part of the healing process for others has astonished and inspired me.

South Africa

Have you worked with Debbie and want to share your experience? Please submit your testimonial here.