My Ministry

From my youth to today, there’s been an awareness set before me which has continually kept me moving forward.   One vision is to help others experience God’s Presence from their Secret Place with fellow believers in church or my web page.  For instance with…

  • Praise/Worship and Prophetic Music
  • Prayers and Messages by Word of Knowledge or Prophecy
  • Journeys, Meditations and Healings

I am currently enrolled with an online seminary college.

When did I first become aware of…

  • Astral Travel – I became aware during Praise and Worship of traveling to a ‘Place of Stillness’.  I was middle age.
  • Feeling Energy – the day of my Mother’s passing. I was a young adult.
  • Message from Spirit – I was out of town, 60 miles away, and driving my Van home when I realized I was almost out of gas.  I didn’t have a credit card, only a check.  Spirit told me to drive at a certain speed and go to the gas station on the right.  My reply was, “On the Left.”  Spirit’s reply back was, “On the Right.”  Without stopping, I went through at least 10 ‘Green’ Signal Lights until I reached the gas station.  The gas station on the left was closed.  I went to the gas station on the ‘Right’ who accepted my check.  I was a young mother.
  • Miracle – my Healing from Blight’s Disease a year after my third child was born.  The Healing was confirmed by my doctor.  I have received other Healings also.
  • Precognition – Spirit showed me my first husband’s car accident when he passed over before I read the accident report.  I was a young woman.
  • Premonition – I visually saw the Bullet Train. Then My Aunt Ruth amused me when she helped me make a Strawberry Pie which is now known as a signature pie for Shoney’s, a restaurant chain.  I was a little girl.
  • Remote Healing – My father-in-law with prostrate cancer and I prayed with fasting for a physical or spiritual healing on his terms.  He received a Spiritual Healing.  I was middle age.
  • Remote Viewing – Visually praying for someone and as the person felt my presence, I viewed the person as a video snapshot   I was middle age.
  • Singing to God – Started when I was a little girl.
  • Vision – God and my Guardian Angel showed me that ‘I am Special, Precious and Forgiven’ in His Eyes.  I was middle age.

Children’s Ministry

An opportunity to teach children church which I took seriously.  I went to God to asked what’s on His heart to teach.  He said, “Show my children that I am alive, yesterday, today and tomorrow and will always be with them.”

As I studied at home, I began to hear Chimes from the air within my home.  The Chimes are an indication that Angels are around and are simply making their presence known.  I gave each one a pictorial Children Bible with weekly pdf lesson plans.  The children also learned the ‘Tabernacle of God’; the ‘Birth of Jesus’ as a play then ’40 days with the Resurrected Jesus’.  Then one day, the children honored me by giving me a Gift of Thanksgiving, which I use with my readings and healings sessions.

Music Ministry

I’ve had a relationship with God since the age of 8.  I would sing to Him as loud as I could from the highest rock around.  Years later, I’ve experience another profound awareness playing music to Him at home.  His Presence came to me in the Stillness.  I joined two different non-denominational churches Praise and Worship Team and haven’t looked back!  Currently, I’ve helped others into Prophetic Worship during Praise and Worship Service.  Several team members have started.  Yes!

Prophetic Worship is about connecting Heaven and Earth through a Spiritual Plane by entering into His Holy of Holies as we edify Him because the Veil ripped apart.  The Veil signified the Doorway to the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle.  Only the High Priest could enter into the Holy Of Holies once a year and his ankle had a rope tied to it.  The Veil was 3′ thick which kept us separated from God.  When Jesus passed over, God ripped the Veil in half, the sky turned dark and thundered.  He came to us to be our ‘High Priest’, so, that we can freely enter God’s presence through this ‘Doorway’.

My First Song

I put to music was “The Lord’s Prayer” with my guitar.  I’ve been adding songs to my songbook repertoire preparing for my Music Ministry.  A Pastor friend, Connie, asked me to sing and give a message at her church.